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Auto Window Tinting With FX HP Automotive Window Film

FX HP Automotive Window Film is a hybrid of two film technologies, the metalized and dyed films. This darker shaded auto window tinting film is economical and widely used as anti glare screen and also to protect vehicles from extreme heat.

We give your car a hot look from the outside with FX HP Automotive Window Film. While it gives an elegant touch to your car’s exterior, the inside is cooler than the outside temperature. This car window tinting film is an economical window protector that provides maximum heat rejection while maintaining the quality. However, this is a metalized film that may cause a slight interference with your mobile wireless signals and GPS.

Basically, it is designed to deflect extreme solar heat that could be harmful for you. It deflects more than 60% of the heat coming through the windows of your vehicle. Depending on the level of the tint, it allows only 5% to 50% of the light to enter your car.

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