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Few Great Ideas to Improve Your Car : Look and Performance!

Tuning your car is not as complex as what we read in books or watch in movies. Just by following some basics, your car can end up giving better performance, more power, improved fuel economy and utmost safety.  Oh yes, and who can forget the aesthetic benefit!

There is a gamut of improvements you can make to your car. Some of them just require few standard tools, a weekend and may be some friends to assist. But before getting your hands dirty, make sure that you know what you’re doing. Have the right tools before tearing apart your car – you certainly wouldn’t want to get stuck in the middle!

Here we present you some of the most convincing tips that will help you brush up your car tuning ideas.

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Uses and Benefits of Headlight Restoration

Are your car highlights discolored or scratched? Or, are you really missing the brightness they once had? If you confront these problems, it indicates that you need to handle the case straight away so that it doesn’t hinder your chance to enjoy some amazing night rides. And, one ideal way to get rid of the headlight hassles is its restoration. Continue Reading →


3 Headlight Restoration DIY Tips

Oxidized cloudy headlights are one of the major concerns for vehicle owners all around the world. Such headlights do not reflect light as clearly as they should. Not only does it look bad on your car but also can cause fatal accidents. Headlight restoration process can help you get back your shiny headlights.

Headlight restoration or headlight repair is the process of de-oxidizing cloudy headlights with de-oxidizer or with items that are easily available at local auto shops and general stores.

For those that are ready to try hands on de-oxidizing your cloudy headlights, here are three ways of doing so.

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6 ‘Auto Window Tinting’ Benefits

Most vehicle owners tint the windows of their vehicles just for the sake of tinting it, or simply because it is the new trend. 90% of car owners give the most obvious reason for their car window tinting – “For privacy”.

However, privacy is not the only benefit you get from Auto Window Tinting. If you have tinted your car windows, then you would be happy to know that there are many additional benefits that you are getting in addition to privacy.

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