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Hey, isn’t that window tint illegal?

While summer is at its best, nothing can keep the interior of your vehicle cooler than a well tinted vehicle windows (and yes, that is apart from the air conditioning).

But most of us try to over-do than what is required and put ourselves in some kind of trouble. Yes, tinting your auto windows is ‘OK’, but splurging is definitely not a good idea. There are benefits of window tinting, but over-doing can certainly cost you more.

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Does Auto Window Tint Reduce Heat Inside My Vehicle?

Having been in this business for more than 3 decades, we receive a lot of questions regarding Auto Window Tinting. And one of the most common questions that we usually receive is “Does auto window tint help reduce heat inside my car?”

And as always, we have one short answer to that question – Yes.

In fact, this is one of the most advantageous features of window tint. However, we thought that it would beneficial for you if you learn about how window tint works in providing you heat rejection.


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Automotive Window Tinting – How to Choose a Window Tint Installer

Automotive window tinting has been one of the most loved auto modification techniques. Most areas, local or otherwise, are now filled with tint shops that offer window tinting and other vehicle modification services.

However, it is important that you select the one that can surpass your expectations. So, how do you do that? Let’s have a look on how to go about choosing the right vehicle window tint installer in your area.

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