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Auto Paint Protection Film Pro Series

Introducing ‘Scotchgard Paint Protection Film Pro Series ‘. This latest version of our popular paint protection film from 3M provides added protection to your vehicle. Virtually invisible, it is more durable than the original version and helps you keep your vehicle stay beautiful for many years to come.


Benefits Of Paint Protection Film Pro Series

Yes, the new paint protection film provides extra protection to the paint of your valuable investment from dust, stone chips, bugs, stains, scratches, and above all – the UV Radiation. So why should you consider installing this new product from 3M? Let’s have a look at the benefits you get from the Pro Series.

  • Easy to install – This product is more flexible which allows ease of installation
  • Easy to clean – This revolutionary clear coat technology makes your vehicle stain and scratch resistant. So, no more scrubbing to get those stains away from your vehicle.
  • Exceptional clarity – This virtually invisible product does not change the original color and the design of your cars. Even after the installation, you will see your car as it was in the showroom.
  • Enhanced durability – This latest technology gives superior resistance to yellowing and cracking of the surface of your vehicles.
  • Easy maintenance – It is a maintenance free product that does not require special effort to keep you vehicles looking shiny all the time. Just wash and wax as usual.
  • Scratch free – The advanced technology used in this product gives it the self healing properties. Yes, now the minor scratches on your vehicle disappear by themselves!
  • Personalized installation – We, at Technics Window Tinting LLC, are certified PPF installers that can custom fit and install this latest product on your vehicles. More than 1000’s of computer designed patterns are available and we can guarantee high quality installation with precise fit.

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