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Paint Protection Film – City Package

scotchgard paint protectionThe City Paint Protection film package offers approximately 8 inches of the front end protection of your vehicles against paint chips, sand abrasions & bug stains on the leading edges on the hood, mirrors and lights.

In this package, the hood of your vehicle, the backs of the side mirrors and headlights lens are covered. These are the areas that need extra care and protection. The XPEL Ultimate paint protection film that we use to cover the damage prone areas are virtually invisible to the naked eye and sticks firmly on the surface.

Paints coming off from damaged areas, scratches and sand abrasions are some common sights if your use your vehicles quite often. The city package is ideal for those who use their vehicles on a daily basis.

We are experts in installing Clear Bra paint protection film that can guarantee you long lasting and beautiful vehicles for years to come. Apart from protection to your vehicles against mishaps, it also gives an extra shine in the areas where paint protection film is installed.

Clear Bra Paint Packages

PPF (Wear and Tear Package)

Clear Bra paint protection film protects your vehicles from rock chipping, abrasions and environmental damages. Our experts cover the high impact areas of your vehicles like Hood, Fenders, Mirrors, Bumpers, Lights, Rocker panels, Door Edge and Door Handles.

Highway Package

Highway Package Paint Protection film is installed on the first 20 inches of the vehicles’ hood, mirrors and lights. We also offer a complete coverage. If you love driving your car or truck but you also are worried about losing its beauty then this package is a MUST.