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7 Major Benefits of Paint Protection Film (PPF) For Your Car

Do you have feelings of empathy and love for your vehicle? You certainly have. But, no matter how much you’re in love with this precious investment, a bitter truth is your car is prone to many damages – that can be exterior or interior.  However, in this edition we are giving more emphasis on the protection of its exterior surface. Continue Reading →


Hey, isn’t that window tint illegal?

While summer is at its best, nothing can keep the interior of your vehicle cooler than a well tinted vehicle windows (and yes, that is apart from the air conditioning).

But most of us try to over-do than what is required and put ourselves in some kind of trouble. Yes, tinting your auto windows is ‘OK’, but splurging is definitely not a good idea. There are benefits of window tinting, but over-doing can certainly cost you more.

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